Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle Laporte

This is the book that started it all! The book that got me off my butt and into business - or at least starting to think about business.

This 333 page book helps you tap into what you love and how to get it going (hence the words Fire Starter in the title).

It’s beautifully laid out to build on the previous chapter. There are worksheets, playlists and poems. Oh and inspirational quotes - so many quotes!!

This book forces you to get in touch with you and what you actually love. The soul work that it guides you through is amazing!

If I would have listened to this book the first time I read it (about 8 years ago), my business would be much farther ahead.

If anyone is confused about what they want to do or are struggling to take their thing to next level, I definitely recommend reading this. Even if you just want to find a new hobby - this book can help!

I’m curious…have you or will you read it? Let me know below!

Soulfully yours,