What've I Got To Lose?

What've I Got To Lose?

I remember the moment I became a believer so clearly.

I was in my bedroom, reading yet another book that discussed the law of attraction.

I'd been dabbling with this new age, spirituality concept for about 6 months by now but still rolled my eyes at most of what I read. I criticized the concepts as fast as I was reading them and doubted most of the results I read.

"Oh, they must just be really lucky" or "that's totally staged and not possible."

My Declaration & Clarification

My Declaration & Clarification

I always get a little tripped up when someone says "so tell me, what are these emails & posts I keep seeing all about anyway?"

"Mindfulness for Busy Ladies" just wasn't completely cutting it for me - nor was it 100% clear. 

Today, the light bulb went off. 

I believe in the Law of Attraction - the belief that the power of your thoughts, feelings & words play a significant role in creating your current and future life. 

Moving forward, what I share will be based on this idea.

In order for it successfully work for you, there are a couple of theories and philosophies you need to start practicing ASAP…

Do You Suffer From This Syndrome?

Do You Suffer From This Syndrome?

The other night a family member was rushed to the hospital. Matt & I volunteered to go to their house & pack an overnight bag. We were in & out in under 10 minutes.

The next morning I had a text from my relative (female): 

"So sorry the house was a mess"


1) It was spotless. There might have been a dish in the sink & a sweater draped over a chair.
2) Like that would even be noticed at a time like this!?
3) Daaaamn - we are hard on ourselves!

We hold ourselves to the highest of expectations.

Have you ever walked into a man's garage & have him say " sorry it's a mess?"

Hell no!

Only Be Responsible For You

Only Be Responsible For You

I used to be a chronic complainer. Nothing would ever go right, somebody was always being a jerk & life wasn’t fair. Ever.

Here’s what my life looked like at the time:

  • I was in massive debt, behind on almost every payment, & avoiding daily phone calls from collection agencies. I was convinced at any minute they were going to show up and repo my car.

  • I had this on-again-off-again relationship on the go. It was reaching it’s 2-year anniversary.

  • I quit my job & I lived in my uncle’s basement

What I’ve come to learn is that all the energy I spent complaining, only trained my brain to find more things to complain about!

It wasn’t necessarily that so many things in my life were terrible, I had just conditioned myself to only see the crappy parts.