Happy IWD!

Happy IWD!

Hey Soul Friend,

I know I'm a day late...but...


Some might wonder why we even need to celebrate this day. Like, aren't we bad @sses on the daily? Some might even joke that every day is women's day! Hahah

While most of these comments are meant to be funny & well-meaning, the original purpose of celebrating this day was/is to achieve full gender equality around the world. 

I saw on the news yesterday that younger women feel equal to men. THAT IS INCREDIBLE! I'm making the assumption, however, that these women all lived in developed countries. Why am I making this assumption?

Well, here are my Top 5 Reasons Why IWD is still so important to celebrate:

1) There is still a pay gap between the salaries of men and the salaries of women
2) Globally, women’s education levels are still lower then mens
3) Violence against women is still a thing :(
4) Victim blaming still happens
5) The boatload of stereotypes that still exist

On a personal note, I use this day to pay homage to women that came before me & helped get us to where we are now. I believe it is important we respect & salute all the work they have done, and then pick up the torch & carry on. 

In my life, this means taking a moment to remember my Grandmothers, who I never had the chance to meet (but am named after!) and raise my glass to the amazing women who have helped shape the woman I am today. Here are some of those stories:

  • My paternal Grandmother raised 10 children, often alone, while my Grandfather was away working. How this lady managed to keep 10 children alive is I beyond me. Besides making sure they didn’t kill each other, this woman was baking homemade bread, sewing clothes & quilts, and everything else that comes with running a successful home during that time. Did I mention she also took in her niece, too? So yeah….11 kids.

  • My maternal Grandmother left our tiny, sleepy town & went to Africa for a year. She gave up her business & everything she knew, and went with my Grandfather to the other side of the world. She also had her children so close together, that at one point, she had 3 kids aged 3 & under. She went on to have 4 in total…which was considered a SMALL family during that time.

  • My maternal Grandmother’s sister just celebrated her 90th birthday. The changes this woman has seen! This wonderful lady still travels, knits beautiful clothing & her personal style will make you feel frumpy if you’re standing next to her at a family function.

  • Little but mighty, my daughter has forced me to stand up straighter & be the kind of woman I kept procrastinating to be (c’mon….it’s the Littlest Guru series…did you really think I wouldn’t mention her!? LOL)

  • Now, without further ado, the most important woman in my life, my mother. Her story is a colourful one. From overcoming tragedy at a young age, to recognizing she deserved better in life & making hard changes, to going on an adventure & leaving everything she has ever known (at an age when most are enjoying their grandchildren), my mother has always been & continues to be, a symbol of strength in my life.

I have been blessed to be surrounded by other incredibly strong women - aunts, sisters, cousins, friends…the list goes on…including a great-grandmother who could skin a bear! Now, in no way am I saying let’s go kill the bears, but I hope you can recognize the level of skill and bad-assery that would take.

I would love to celebrate the amazing women in your life, too! Comment below and tell me about some of the powerhouses that have shaped you & your life!

Soulfully yours,

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