My Baby, My Guru

My Baby, My Guru

Hey Soul Friend,

I’ve had many teachers throughout my personal mindfulness journey, yet none have been as wise or spoke to my heart quicker than my littlest guru, my baby.

This might sound crazy, but the lessons my little one has taught me over the past 7 months have left me in a state of complete awe.

So, for the next few weeks, this is going to be the theme of my emails to you.

Lessons from the Littlest Guru.

If you’re already a mom (or dad), then this one will be so easy for you to understand: Love.

I thought I knew love, until I met my daughter. She quickly showed me that I was capable of loving deeper than I ever thought possible. Until I met here, it’s safe to say I didn’t even know this level of love existed. People tried to tell me, but I until I went through it, I didn’t quite get it.

 A few more lessons I learned on the topic of love:

  • You can do extraordinary things for love, things you never thought possible (like function off 2 hours of sleep)

  • I understand how deeply loved I am by my own parents & how they’re always rooting for me (even if they are teaching me lessons along the way)

  • How crucial it is to approach my business & clients with the same spirit, loving them and doing everything in my power to help them succeed

  • There was so much room in all my relationships to go deeper & love more

This is how I approach my life now, from a place of love. I actively choose to apply this filter to my life, every day. Some days are easy. Some days are hard – reeeeeally hard. But the amount of peace and happiness I now experience from making this shift really out weigh the tough days.

I’m curious to hear from you! Would you agree that your understanding of love deepened after having your own children? What are the lessons you learned from your baby?

Soulfully yours,

Happy IWD!

Happy IWD!

Do you deserve it?

Do you deserve it?