Emotional Episodes Instead of Marathons

Emotional Episodes Instead of Marathons

Hi Soul Friend,

I have a question for you:

What if your bad mood was only as long as an episode on T.V. instead of an all-day marathon?

This was a question I asked myself after I had my own “episode.”

I felt justified for being in my bad mood.

My baby was teething. My partner really hurt himself. Nobody was sleeping.

After said baby covered me head to toe in baby puke (hellooooo projectile vomit), I hit the shower.

“Jeeze,” I thought to myself as I turned the water on.

I really need to wash this bad attitude off!”

And that’s exactly what I did.

(How? By staying present, feeling the warm water, smell of the shampoo, picturing my mood melting away….you know the drill)

Once out of the shower, I could hear my baby fussing.

The bad mood slowly began to creep back in.

No,” I said out loud.

I choose how I want to feel,” I declared as I looked myself straight in the eye.

“I choose joy” (my core desired feeling, à la Danielle Laporte).

Yes, at this point I was talking to myself, feeling slightly ridiculous but not really caring, because IT WAS WORKING!

I felt the bad mood disappear.

It wasn’t until later that evening I realized the whole episode lasted about 40 minutes.

The minuity of how very little time that was crashed against the realization that it had the power to ruin an entire day, if I let it.

40 minutes is nothing,” I thought to myself. “It's an episodes of Suits!”

Trying not to laugh at myself, I fully committed then & there to only let bad moods, feelings, thoughts, or experiences last as long as an episode on T.V.

So I ask you again - better yet, I challenge you to only let your bad mood be an episode in your otherwise wonderful day.

It might be hard some days, but the faster you can let the bad mood go and get on with your day, the happier you’ll be.

Being in a state of happiness more often and for longer periods of time attracts your desires to you.

Are you able to take control and only let your emotions have limited air time?

I’d love to know in the comments below!

Soulfully yours,

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