Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself

Hey Soul Friend,

Have you ever done something really stupid? Something you knew you shouldn't have done, but did it anyways? Something that completely went against your intuition?

I've been there. It's a crappy feeling. For me, this was usually staying in relationships way past their expiry date. 

You wrestle with the guilt of your actions (or non-actions) & the shame of knowing better. You beat yourself up for being so dumb & continuously question why the heck you did it in the first place.

After a bit of time though, these feelings subside and you forget about it. The negative self-talk disappears. 

But did you heal the wound? Or did you just let it fade into the jumble of events and experiences in your life?

Did you take the time to stop & apologize for not listening to your soul?

If you're anything like me & like to pretend it never happened, know this: All that emotional gunk lingers inside you. It is my belief that this emotional unrest upsets our bodies as well.

Your body is an amazing creature that can filter out quite a bit of crap (haha - no pun intended). But I believe that when your body can't handle the volume of hurt & pain anymore - when we repeatedly ignore our intuition, this emotional gunk overflows into our outer world.

Now all of a sudden you're dealing with internal and external issues! Stomach aches and jerks at the office. Headaches and traffic jams. Sore feet and disagreements with your other half. 

It seems like life is one giant roller coaster that is hurling you around. 

What if you take a minute to heal your embarrassment of being a doorknob? What if you honour what your intuition was trying to tell you, & take the time to apologize to yourself - and really mean it?

What if you pause, and instead of quickly glossing over your mistakes, you own them and heal them before you move on?

It is my belief that your outer world and inner world start to jive in special synchronicity. Ailments that magically disappear and winning lottery tickets that land in your hands.

Life begins to work for you instead of against you. 

So the next time you screw up, I challenge you to take a minute and apologize. Not to those around you - you are already too good at that, but to yourself.

Put an end to the non-stop berating your ego tends to dish out & begin the process of healing - whether it's the big wounds or the little wounds, just start somewhere.

Why is it important to do this, you ask?

Leaving old wounds to fester transmits that frequency out into the Universe, returning more of that same vibe to your life.

By allowing the time & space to forgive yourself, you clear that gunk out of the way. Having a clean path allows the Universe to deliver you your wildest dreams.

Still not quite sure how to do this? 

Sit quietly. 
Think of a time that you were embarrassed. Do a playback, moment by moment. When you get to the end of the story, pause.

Wait for the quiet voice inside of you to perk up and come to attention (your Highest Self). 

From that voice, simply say, I forgive you


Wait for the feeling of forgiveness and weightlessness wash over you.

If you aren't met with that (or some other equally blissful feeling) and instead come up against ridiculousness, repeat the steps above.

It is normal to have to do this more than once. Depending on the size of your wound, you may have to it for a few days or weeks. 

Don't rush this. Don't force it.. Don't fake it. 

Honour yourself, have patience and commit to doing this right. The level of peace & calm you will be gifted will be unlike any other.

Have you ever taken the time to forgive yourself? What changes did you see in your life? I'm curious to know so comment below!

If you're still struggling with this and want some extra support, please please pleaseeeeee email me at for some one-on-one coaching.

The last thing I want to do is have you dig deep and then be stranded with opened wounds.

Everyone deserves a life free of judgement from the most important person in your life - YOU!

Lots of Love,

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Fall is here

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