Let Go, Align and Flow

Let Go, Align and Flow

Hey Soul Friend,

I’ve been struggling to write this post all week. You might’ve noticed that I’m two days late. Oops. But I didn’t want to put out crap. And what I wanted to say was not coming out right.

Then I read this instagram post and realized I couldn’t say it any better:

“Life will challenge you by continually pushing you toward what you are meant to do. If you resist, the struggle will persist. Let go of how you think your life should be and pay attention to where it is showing you to go. Stop forcing results and take comfort in knowing what is meant for you will always get to you. Let go, align and flow.” - CommandingLife

So many nuggets of wisdom in this one post. Every sentence is just hitting the nail on the head!

The past couple of weeks I have been Surrendering to the Universe (letting go). Letting go of how I think my life should look (aligning), and recognizing the beauty of it as it is right now (flowing).

One by one I’ve been surrendering, letting go the ideas of how far along I should be in the book I’m reading, the business I’m building and even how clean my house should be.

The experience has been incredible. I’ve witnessed so many beautiful moments - the realization of not having to work on Mondays, the flexibility to visit my parents whenever I want, and guilt-free moments of joy with my daughter.

Life is good.

I’m excited to continue surrendering and see what life brings.

To keep letting go of how I think life should look.

To stop forcing what I want.

To stop resisting.

To sit back and trust that I am being led in the right direction, knowing that what is meant for me will never pass me.

All I ask for is the wisdom to see what’s already on my doorstep (that I’ve been too stubborn to receive) and the courage to be brave enough to walk through the new doorways that open up.

Is there something that is on your doorstep that you aren’t recognizing? I pray that you go with it. It will be exactly what you wanted, but it probably doesn’t look the way you thought it would. Trust it.

For me, this means getting my butt to a yoga class. So simple but I’ve been ignoring this for weeks. Why? Well, I’ve been too cheap to pay for a class and too tired to go to an evening class.

But I can’t ignore that silent voice that is telling me to go, even when it makes no sense to my brain. So this week, I’m going!

There’s a golden rule with surrendering and it says that when you think you’ve surrendered as much as you possibly can, surrender more.

So my friend, surrender. And then surrender more. Get out of your own way and embrace what is already waiting at YOUR doorstep. Prepare to receive the endless blessings you’ve been begging for.

Lots of Love,

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