They're Just Words

They're Just Words

Hey there soul friend,

When I first began learning about the law of attraction and how to manifest, I didn't get it right away.

The whole process seemed confusing & the words were very aloof and "whoo whoo."

It felt like everything I was reading was used a lot of words to say nothing at all. All the lessons were lost on me. It was so discouraging.

Before I was able to see significant change and progress, I had to stop getting hung up on the words. 

When I saw words like Spirit, God or Light being used, my mind would shut down. I had to experiment with different terminology before I found a word that resonated with me.

Mine was Universe.

I’m still not sure why I am drawn to it. Maybe because it seemed the most neutral word to describe everything? Maybe because it was used in astronomy so I didn’t feel so ridiculous linking it to spirituality? Who knows.

That’s another word I had to get comfortable with. Spirituality. Maybe spirituality doesn’t feel right to you. That’s ok. Switch it out for something you’re comfortable with.

Maybe you’re not here for “enlightenment”, perhaps you just want less stress in your life. Cool.

I promise we don’t have to agree on the exact words. You can call it whatever you want.

As long as the idea of what I am saying makes sense to you, then we’re good to go. I beg you to please hear what I am trying to say, not how I say it.

I am confident that once you find the words you like, you'll be manifesting like a mofo!

Are there certain words that instantly get your defenses up? Is there an alternate one you prefer? I'm curious to know so comment below!

Lots of love,


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