Part 2: Pay Attention To Your Feelings

Part 2: Pay Attention To Your Feelings

I feel like last week's blog missed the mark.

It was supposed to be about paying attention to your feelings, but it turned into acknowledging & overcoming your fear.

A valid thing to pay attention to, however not what I was going for.

So I want to try again.

Last week's message was supposed to be this: 

Pay attention to how you feel when you do ordinary things.

Sounds simple but as you know, being present and aware can be sometimes challenging.

However, DO IT.

Notice how you feel when you're doing the groceries or driving to work.


The Law of Attraction attracts like for like. 

So the energy you bring to everyday tasks is the same energy you will receive back from the Law of Attraction. 

If you're walking around, day after day, in a zombie trance & begrudgingly going about your day, then you will attract that same energy back into your life.

But if you bring positive and joyful energy to your days, then positive & joyful things are going to start popping up in your life.

Got it?


Go get it, Friend!

Lots of Love,



Your Highest Self

Your Highest Self

Pay Attention To Your Feelings

Pay Attention To Your Feelings