Does It Make You Feel Good?

Does It Make You Feel Good?

I was caught off guard when someone asked me how I always manage to keep my cool and stay aligned with my higher self.

For the record, I don't. I'm human. I don't always get it right.

But it's easier for me to bounce back on the happy wagon because I am guided by one simple question: does it feel good?

Spending time in this state of mind - does it feel good?

Spending time with these people - does it feel good? 

Offering to help with this project - does it feel good?

It's a quick 2-millisecond thing you can do that will substantially increase your happiness.

There are 3 simple, guiding feelings to use to say yes, no or maybe:

Say yes if it makes you feel excited, lines up with your goals or is something you genuinely want to do.

If you're getting lukewarm feelings, give yourself room to think about it before committing.

Not sure what to say to the person expecting an answer? Tell them you need to double check some things & you'll get back to them.

If the thought of committing to something - or someone - makes you feel completely drained, those are the invitations I decline.  

Sometimes it's easy to switch on autopilot and commit to things out of habits or fear of letting people down or hurt anybody's feelings.

Declining might be the toughest thing. But I beg you, tune into yourself before saying yes.

At the end of the day, this is your life. You pay for your actions & commitments in levels of happiness - your happiness. 

The worst thing, in my opinon, is a life of dogma.

Dogma: living with the results of other people's thinking & opinions of what you should do.

There is no shortage of this in our society.

On top of it, society has programmed us to think that self-love & putting yourself first is selfish & you're a narcissist. 

But it's actually the opposite.

When we do what feels good, we are lit up.

This is the light that enables us to be our best self, at work, with our partner, with our children, and so on & so on.

This light also energizes us. Instead of being drained by our day, we are lit up by it.

It is this awesome energy that the Law of Attraction is drawn to. This is the energy it uses to deliver your desires to you. 

My #1 tip to fast track your results?

Check in with yourself multiple times a day.

Ask yourself over & over: Does this make me feel good? 

Then act accordingly.

Is there something you need to stop saying yes to & start saying no? Is there something that completely drains you that you need to let go of?

As always, I'm excited to know so tell me in the comments below!

Lots of love,

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