Believe Before You See

Believe Before You See

I'll believe it when I see it.

Is this a statement you can identify with? 

If yes, you're not alone. Most of society thinks this way. For the longest time, it was my own way of thinking too.  

Unfortunately, this statement has the power to block everything you most desire in life from coming to you.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) requires you to believe before you see the results. 

Switching to the Believe-It-Before-You-Can-See-It mentality is not easy.

You might be met with resistance - from yourself and others.

Internal thoughts like "yeah, right - like that's really going to happen!" might creep in. 

Or well meaning loved ones might scoff, give you the side eye & say "good luck with that!"

The trick is not to give into it.

If you're getting push back from an outside source, perhaps think twice about sharing - especially if that person is naturally pessimistic or critical.

They mean well. It's just that they simply can't fathom it being possible for them, so how could it be possible for you?

If you're receiving push back from yourself, simply chose another thought as quickly as possible.

"I can't do this" can easily be flipped to I CAN and I WILL do this"

Currently, my Believe-It-Before-You-Can-See-It focus is based on something most people like to laugh at: have an easy and enjoyable labour & delivery (I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant). 

Has it been easy to hang on to this thought? Gosh no!

Turns out our society is primarily fear based when it comes to bringing a child into the world.

Combine that with being the youngest sibling & one of the last people in my circle of friends to have kids....,yeah there were no shortage of difficult stories out there. 

Stories I had heard and fears I needed to overcome myself.

But I kept at it. I visualize an easy and enjoyable experience every night before I fall I asleep. I meditate on it. I talk to the baby and say how we're going to work together and have a good time.

I'm now at the point where I am EXCITED for the next step (and I guard this energy like it's my only purpose in life right now). 

Do you know what else is happening? The more I stick with it, the more positive stories I hear. 

For example:

  • From my hairdresser: "I kind of regret getting an epidural because honestly - and I feel bad for saying this, but my contractions weren't even that bad"
  • From a lady at a retirement party: "My sister didn't have labour pains - she only had charlie horses in her right leg"
  • From my esthetician: "I had a fantastic & easy delivery with my daughter"
  • From my cousin: "It made me realize how truly strong I am!"
  • From my sister: "It's the most incredible experience of your life"

All that matters is that you believe it. Once you do, once you truly, 100% do, the LOA will work in your favour to deliver it to you. 

There is nothing too big or too ridiculous to ask for either. So don't censor yourself.

The answer is always Yes - whatever you want, it's a Yes. 

Are there any big Believe-It-Before-You-Can-See-It things you'd like to create in your life? I'd love to know below! 

Lots of Love,

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