No Expectations

No Expectations

Sorry I'm late this week! On Sunday, my daughter was born.

I severely underestimated the amount of time a newborn requires and how completely & utterly exhausted I would be.

But I'm here now! 

Being a new mom, I collected advice from multiple sources. One of the best pieces of advice was this: have zero expectations.

To me, that little bit of advice allowed me to:

  • Focus on Baby O's needs
  • Make sure Mom & Dad were fed and rested
  • Not worry if the house was clean

By removing the pressure to be the "perfect" mom, it ended up removing so much stress. 

By being open and flexible, I was able to cut myself some slack when I didn't get it right the first time & adjust to sleep deprivation.

I let go how I thought our first few days at home would be.

I was rewarded by a pretty amazing first week in.

The Law of Attraction works similar to this.

When you put your desire out into the world, have zero expectations of how it will appear in your life.

This also means zero expectations of when you think it will happen as well.

Surrender it to the Universe, and trust that what you will receive back is exactly what you want or asked for.

You need to get out of your own way so that the Universe can do it's thang! 


Let's say you want to use the Law of Attraction for a hamburger the next time you go out for lunch.

In your mind, this is just a plain jane hamburger on a bun. 

When you go out for lunch, you're bummed because you're eating at this swanky, high-end restaurant. 

You think to yourself, 'Sigh. There's no way I'll get my greasy burger here.'

You place your order & question whether the law of attraction really does work.

What you didn't notice, under the appetizers section,  were AAA beef mini-burgers, cooked to perfection with the right amount of condiment-to-bun ratio, dressed to the nines.

By assuming that the swanky restaurant wouldn't be able to meet your wish, you had blinders on & missed out on the most delicious burger.

So how do you stop making assumptions so you don't miss out? With practice.

You need:

  1. Be aware of what pre-programmed thoughts you are believing
  2. Catch them when they are happening
  3. Pick a new, empowering thought
  4. Trust that everything you asked for is coming your way

If you're panicking about how much you've asked for and missed out on, don't be alarmed. As long as you keep desiring it, the Law of Attraction will keep (trying) to bring it to you. 

As always, I'm curious - is there something you keep asking for & feel you're not getting? Do you think it's possible you're not being open and flexible to how it's showing up in your life?

I'd love to hear below!

Lots of Love,



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