Silence Your Inner Bully

Silence Your Inner Bully

While chasing your dreams, are you struggling with feeling ridiculous or coming up with some other form of inner resistance?

I lovingly call this my Inner Bully. Yes, I've nicknamed it - and yes, I said lovingly.

If you're like me, your Inner Bully might be saying really rude, hateful things to you while you set out to achieve your dreams and goals.

Things like "you're never going to pay off that debt" or "miracles like that don't happen around here."

You see, your Inner Bully is programmed to keep you safe, wired by past conditioning. It's natural for it to try to persuade you to stay in your comfort zone.

It thinks it's doing you a favour. 

But it's not. It's keeping you stuck - IF you chose to keep listening to it.

How do you free yourself from its power?

What personally worked for me was by sending my Inner Bully love

(Stick with me here)

Anytime I was met with feelings of insecurity, doubt, ridiculousness or fear, I would simply say "Thank you Inner Bully for looking out for me, however, I am safe and you don't need to protect me. I got this one"

I would repeat that mantra every single time. 

Did I feel silly? More often than not. But it worked & I was able to move forward towards my goals and dreams. 

I'm curious - do you have an Inner Bully that likes to "protect" you?

Do you have a different way of putting this beast in its place?

I'd love to know in the comments below!

Lots of Love,


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