What've I Got To Lose?

What've I Got To Lose?

I remember the moment I became a believer so clearly.

I was in my bedroom, reading yet another book that discussed the Law of Attraction (LOA).

I'd been dabbling with this new age, spirituality concept for about 6 months now but still rolled my eyes at most of what I read.

I criticized the concepts as fast as I was reading them and doubted most of the results I heard about.

"Oh, they must just be really lucky," or "That's totally staged and not possible," I'd think to myself.

The first time I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I didn't even get it!

I was completely confused and had no idea what "The Secret" was. 

I thought it was total crap & just a really good publicity stunt.

But then I read this & it literally changed my life:

"You have nothing to lose & everything to gain"

"Holy sh*tballs!" I thought to myself, "they are absolutely right!"

I had nothing to lose. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

I could keep going about it my way - critical, negative & ignoring that teeny tiny voice that kept whispering there's gotta more to life than this.

OR - I could be open to believing in it, with the payoff of gaining EVERYTHING - plus more.

Everything I read said that's how the LOA worked. You would get everything you wanted plus more. 

The plus more was always the extra bonus that the Universe would reward you with.

Something you couldn't even fathom for yourself or know that you wanted until you had it. It was always better than anything you could imagine - ALWAYS!

This sounded way better than anything I had going. So I asked myself,  "what've I got to lose?"

My inner voice screamed NOTHING & I decided right then and there to commit wholeheartedly to it. Yes, I felt absolutely ridiculous but I'll talk about how to overcome that feeling later.

There are 4 things to make the LOA work for you:

  1. Make a list of what you want

  2. Write it in the present tense

  3. Spend a couple of minutes imagining what it will feel like when it comes true

  4. Start behaving like you already have it

Now, I must warn you - be careful what you wish you. The Universe is quite literal & will give you exactly what you ask for. So chose your words carefully. 

Below is my original list - my reality when I wrote it in October 2011 and the results that followed.

Please know that I share this not to brag, but to show what is possible for YOU!

  • Wish List: I am living debt free

    October 2011 reality:
    - Maxed out MasterCard & 10K personal loan & behind on all payments

    - Terrified to look at my bank account.  I didn't realize car insurance payments had stopped coming out. I am ashamed to admit this, but I didn't have car insurance for almost an entire year!

    LOA Results: 
    - Gail Vaz-Oxlade's book, Debt Free Forever helps me set up a budget & get my overdue payments caught up (including my car insurance)

    - February 2012 I'm in a car accident. I'm OK, but my car a total write off. Insurance pays me out more than I owe. I use the remaining money to pay off the rest of debt
  • Wish List: I travel somewhere new and fun at least every 3 months

    October 2011 reality:
    - I could barely afford gas to get to work every week let alone imagining taking trips

    LOA Results:
    List of trips I took in 2012:
    - February 2012: Banff, Alberta
    - April 2012: Carberry, Manitoba
    - July 2012: the Netherlands, Paris & Ghent, Belgium
    - October 2012: NYC
    - December 2012: Ottawa
  • Wish List: I date a tall, genuinely nice, ambitious guy who isn't from here (Fort McMurray, Alberta).

    October 2011 reality:
    -I was in an on-again-off-again relationship

    LOA Results:
    - Nov 2011: Completely out of the on-again-off-again relationship
    - Feb 2012: Dating a really nice, polite 6'2 guy who lives in Edmonton, AB

Again, please hear me when I say that this IS possible for you.

I'm not a magical being with superpowers. I didn't grow up in a mansion. I don't have a University degree or PhD in anything. I'm just a normal girl from a small town in Quebec. 

You can do this too!

I want to challenge you to write your list.

What are some things YOU want in your life?

Remember to follow the 4 steps above - be clear, write in the present tense, spend some time imagining what it feels like to have it & then start acting like you already do. 

Tell me in the comments below what you want in your life or email me your desires at mb@mbmurdock.com. I'd love to support you further to manifest your dreams.  

Lots of Love,

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

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