Falling Off The Wagon

Falling Off The Wagon

Hey Soul Friend,

When you fall off the wagon, it’s easy to think that staying off it is much easier.

But that’s rarely the case.

Instead of fighting to keep going, now you’re fighting against the guilty feeling. That nagging, gnawing feeling that knows you should be doing better but aren’t.

That feeling is fuel for your Inner Bully to raise up confirm all your fears and frustrations.

I’ve recently been fighting this feeling. I was doing sooooo good publishing a weekly blog up until about a month ago.

I began to over think my topics and talked myself right into writers block.

My Inner Bully started to convince me that I had nothing left to say, nobody was reading it anyways and it was a waste of time.

My Highest Self knew that none of the above things mattered. The reason I was writing the blog in the first place was out of pure fun and joy.

How did I shut up the critic and get back on the horse?

I stopped thinking and just did it.

I was tired of the guilty feeling every Friday I wasn’t publishing.

So this morning, I just got up, turned the computer on and here I am!

They say the hardest battle you will ever fight is the battle between who you are and who you want to be.

If you’re fighting your own battle and have recently slipped off wagon, I’m here to encourage you to…as Nike would say…just do it!

Shut your brain off and begin.

Often the motion of simply starting is enough to fuel you to completion.

If it isn’t, focus on how great you will feel when you’re done! The weight of it off your shoulders. That satisfied feeling of crossing it off your to-do list.

You can do it! Go get it soul friend!

I’m curious to know - is there something you’ve been putting off? What tips or tricks do you use to get it done? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Soulfully yours,

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