It's Your Birthday!

It's Your Birthday!

Hi Soul Friend,

Earlier this week it was my birthday. I had the best day ever (and it had nothing to do with presents!)

You ever notice that everything seems to work perfectly for you on your birthday?

Here’s some examples from my day:

  • My baby slept in. Not just by half an hour either. She slept in an extra 2 hours!

  • I was running late to meet my mom for lunch (due to said baby sleeping in) and got stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. It was a windy road. Instead of having to patiently wait for a safe spot to pass, the vehicle pulled over!

  • The local bakery just happens to makes my favourite donuts on that particular day of the week.

I have more - from being booked in for a hair appointment, great visits with family, my favourite supper & an unexpected and sweet surprise.

As I laid in bed that night, replaying the day and being so grateful for being so spoiled, I had an epiphany:

What if everything works out perfectly on your birthday because you wake up in the morning expecting it?

What if you could harness that energy and make every day great?

I decided to test my theory for the rest of the week.

I gotta say - it works!

For the rest of the week I pretended that it was my birthday. I woke up every morning expecting it to be a great day full of surprises and awesomeness.

Here’s how my week went:

  • I was able to get a reiki appointment (I’d been trying since October)

  • My baby (who usually makes strange) was happy, laughing and smiley at people when we went out

  • My best friend bought me lunch (to celebrate my birthday)

  • An unexpected cheque arrived

  • I received clarity around a question I had been meditating on

  • I solved a problem I was struggling with (struggling for a few weeks now)

  • A bill was lower than we were budgeting for

  • A gift that might not arrive in time for Christmas showed up

Besides these cool things, my energy level was higher, I was more productive and things that would normally stress me out weren’t such a big deal.

So I’m calling it: my theory is right!

I’m sure this is a famous saying by someone much smarter than me:

Act as if and it will happen!

Now I start off the day with the same energy as if it’s my birthday.

At night, I reflect on all the great things that came and give gratitude for them.

I know it might be a bit challenging to tap into this energy if you don’t have a birthday on the near horizon, but give it a shot.

Your day will be surprisingly sweet!

If you try this, I’d love to know how it goes for you so please please please comment below and let me know!

Soulfully yours,

PS: I think part of the equation is that you also have to surrender how you think the day will go and just let it unfold. Usually you don’t get to plan your birthday and you rely on your loved ones to make the day great. Apply that same energy (without the expectation that your loved ones will do all the work).

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