Begin and End with Gratitude

Begin and End with Gratitude

Hey there Soul Friend,

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and the content I post. I struggle between telling the story of my journey, not sounding “preachy,” and giving you valuable content that will help you on yours (again, without sounding “preachy”).

So this is my attempt (from now on) to blend the two together.

Here goes.

The pros say to start and end your day with gratitude.

I’ve understood this concept for YEEEEARS (just like I’m sure you have too) but never really put it into practice.

I tried and made a little progress. You know, like smelling my keurig coffee pod when I opened it in the mornings. What a glorious smell first thing in the morning. But that’s about as deep as it went.

Lately, something has switched. I’ve been noticing so many beautiful things as I wake up in the morning and get the day going.

When you’re busy getting ready in the morning, see if you can find any small thing that you love. Yes, mine started with smelling coffee. I did that for a long time, I swear. I stayed in that spot for so long. Be better than me, stretch a little farther.

I graduated from coffee to sunrises. Beautiful scenery actually. Any time I look outside or I am outside, I try to enjoy view.

It’s true what the pros say: The way you begin your day sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Being grateful isn’t about having these magnificent, Instagram extraordinary things or experiences happen to you a random Wednesday night.

It’s about recognizing the little things every day in life: how warm your facecloth is in the morning, how warm the sun is when it shines on your hand, etc.

When you recognize these moments, let it “catch your awareness” - stay in the moment and love every minute of it!

The third part to finish out this manifesting equation is to end your day with gratitude. Run through your mental list of all the things that stopped you in your tracks through out the day.

By remembering them, you relive the moment. Your brain can’t tell the difference between the actual moment and the memory of it. So by reliving it, you are reinforcing it in your mind. You’re hot wiring your brain, so to speak (same thing applies with telling yourself only positive thoughts too by the way).

Anyways, before you start snoring or drooling on your pillow for the night (no? That’s just me?), run through your list.

Say thank you for the things that went right. Cut yourself some slack and ask for a second chance for the things that didn’t go right and then let that go!

Gratitude is a super attractor. Being grateful for what you have now makes way for more to come.

The Universe wants to know you are able to recognize and appreciate what is going right for you now before the Universe is sure you will be able to recognize and appreciate what you ask for.

While this is still something I practice and strengthen daily, what I know for sure is what you ask for never looks how you think it will. So put your seat belt on.

Soulfully yours,

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