Be Busy Being Happy

Be Busy Being Happy

Hi Soul Friend,

At any moment you can change your mood, your atmosphere.

Learn the difference between emotions (temporary ways you feel after interactions or reactions) and mood. Moods are long term. A mood is how you, the driver of your life, most often feels.

Emotions are wilder. Harder to control. Requires self awareness, self discipline & taking responsibility - for all of it. Sometimes this can be a bitter pill to swallow.

Mood is the foundation for your life. The core feeling you have about your whole life - your job, your relationships, your desires.

Mood can be established, built or practiced while you alone, by becoming friends with the voice in your mind.

Not feeling your happiest? Pay attention to the tape that’s stuck on repeat in your mind. Challenge the thoughts that are being played over and over again.

Conquering your mood will establish doors in your life for the Universe to deliver your desires. So it’s important you have a strong foundation for it.

Did I mention EVERYTHING is connected? Everything. It’s weird how the feelings of joy and happiness for your life exactly as it is right now is what the Universe needs to create a door. Being aware of all the awesome currently in your life is the door needed for everything you desire.

Often what blocks you from receiving everything you want in life is the inability to realize it is that simple.

Be aware and grateful for all the awesome in your life right now.

It really is that easy.

We don’t have the ability to see the whole picture. We’re only given puzzle pieces, one tiny piece at a time. However the final picture is beautiful. So let the doors be plentiful so the Universe can bust through quickly.

Follow the things that bring you joy. Be patient and trust that what you receive will be exactly what you’ve been chasing.

Remember that it’s all connected.

Most importantly, remember to walk through the door when it appears too.

Soulfully yours,

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