Slow Down

Slow Down

Hi Soul Friend,

What I’m about to suggest is easier said than done, especially if you work in a fast-paced environment that rewards how quickly you can get things done:

Slowing down.

By slowing down, I want you to make a point of being awake and aware of how you go about your day.

From the minute your feet hit the ground in the morning, to your drive into work (put on some awesome tunes and really enjoy your coffee) straight through to your first break.

So often we get so busy that we forget to eat but this is a great time to have a snack, refill your water bottle (or coffee cup) and stretch your legs.

At lunch time, try to take a longer break, one where you can enjoy your lunch instead of wolfing something down at your desk while you respond to emails.

You’ll need your energy to get through that 2 p.m. lull where it feels like the day will never end. This is a good time to take another 10 minute snack/water or coffee/stretch break.

By making room in your day for your well-being, you’re able to:
a) appreciate your day more
b) notice the little things
c) have more energy for your evenings

The evenings are when your free time kicks in. It’s important you have enough energy to do the things you love instead of crashing the moment you walk in the door.

Maybe you’re a parent and don’t have the luxury of just grabbing food and plopping down on the couch. Maybe for you, this is just the beginning of your second shift.

Either way, the evenings belong to you and you deserve to enjoy them.

Make a point of slowing down, even if the only purpose is to have enough energy to enjoy your evening instead of constantly waiting for the weekend to come.

This week’s Call To Action: comment below with a simply yes if you’re someone who is constantly waiting for it to be Friday.

If you are, try slowing down. Appreciate the little things during your day that do go right. It might take some practice, but I think you’ll find that this simple act really makes a big difference in your happiness.

Soulfully yours,

Be Busy Being Happy

Be Busy Being Happy

There's only right now

There's only right now